Monday, October 5, 2009

Nuit Blanche it up!

What a weekend! I feel like I need a day off to recover from it! Lots of friends, family, fun, and art and crafty goodness. It starts with the arrival of a special parcel in the mail.....

...look what finally arrived! About two weeks too late, but I'm sure that I will find a use for it eventually.

The Madonna dance party was a hoot with my dear friend Vinny.

Saturday my little sister Martha came from Guelph and, along with Ronaldo and I, took to the streets of Toronto for the all-night art festival, Nuit Blanche. Although it was extremely busy, we had a great time!

The night started with Martha and I creating a clay tile in honour of our dead family pet, Bert the cat. And a few flasks of sweet sweet rum.

We tried going to a block party (ironically called Tony and Bert's block party) but it ended up taking place across the street from the Men's mission. Sketchy enough during the day, extra sketchy at midnight. We moved on to this lovely silver balloon bunny to calm our nerves.

Strung across the towers of city hall was this giant 4-letter-word generator. I swear, it made the word BART a few times, but every time I tried to catch it on camera, it changed to this really familiar word(?).

We saw all sorts of neat installations, did some life drawing at a hair salon, breathing art that moved, and a gigantic light bright. At the end of the night, this was Martha's favourite display. Who doesn't love a gorilla eating a child who is eating an ice cream? Next stop for this truck: The Louvre.

An exhausting night of art, but nice to experience with the awesome people I saw it all with. Sunday morning, and my much anticipated screen printing workshop came all too soon. As it was SO amazing I am honouring the class with it's own posting tomorrow. Feel free to wait with bated breath.

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