Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back in the saddle again

Happy Tuesday morning!

I bet you're wondering what the heck I'm doing writing a blog entry at 10 AM when I clearly work a day job. Well, this girl is jumping lily pads! I accepted a new job (still graphic design) at a new company! WOO HOO! Any of you who know me know that this definitely counts as cool thing #2 on my list of awesome stuff in 2010. I finished my old job on Friday last week, and have a week in between to chill out a bit and work on a freelance gig that came in last week. It's a fun project, so in my books it's barely work! I've also had time to get back into my embroidery work- you may have thought I forgot all about my tea towels seeing as I have not written about them in a while, but I sure haven't! I cut up a whole bunch and screened them over the Christmas break, sewed them a few weeks ago, and am now back into my embroidery.

This is how I set myself up to get into it again. Notice the mandatory glass of red wine (only the finest Falasca-Manning Estates for me!) and the half read book club book in the background (which I never finished, unfortunately). Truly a comfortable place to be. It's nice to be putting needle to fabric again. Hopefully I'll have time to get stuff up on etsy before my week off is through!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Who says a starving artist can't buy art?

Anyone else LOVING 2010 yet? So far this year has been pretty jammed with cool, and it's only JANUARY! Though I intend to share all the greatness with you, I will do so in intervals, as I've heard that reading my lovely prose can be, well, boring.

So, cool #1: My second art purchase (a custom piece, to boot!) was made! I have not sold enough of my own work to afford to fill my walls with the works of all the artists I cherish just yet, but a good friend of mine, James Fowler of Toronto, made this wonderful piece just for me! We talked, and I wanted something that was white, greyish and blue-y, with splashes of hot pink (look familiar?) and this is the final product!

The painting is called "winter blossom", as it's mostly derived from the idea of spring's first flowers popping out of the snow. James' style of work and sources of inspiration are so creative and unique. Another tidbit- he hides the word LOVE in each work. LOVE!! So awesome, no?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

DING DONG! 2010 is ringing loud!

Here we are! Another decade is just beginning! Hopefully this one will have less Sisco (remember the thong song?) and more awesomeness. Did you have a wonderful holiday? I'm already slacking on my new years goals (no resolutions for me, thanks) and have not updated the blog in a while. Time to step it up seeing as I have lots to accomplish this year and, much to my dismay, the days are not getting longer.

My Christmas was not a total write off. I did get a little work in. My focus, for the time being, is back on my illustration work. I found that I was a bit neglectful of this part of my life while in tea towel land this past month. The amount of work coming in is probably related (a.k.a. none at all). My representatives are updating their website and I've been getting ready for their big launch. Although I haven't seen it yet, I have a feeling it's going to be beautiful. I 'm excited about being a part of it! It's also lit a fire under my bum to get my own website updated. Since I've been in school I've made my own websites. Original? Yes. A pain in the ass to update? You betcha. I can flash script myself into a confused tizzy like it's no one's business. It's time to give in and ask for some help. I found this website, otherpeoplespixels.com, who will not only provide domain and space, but also offers a variety of templates and easy to understand instructions on how to update. This is key, as I plan to update more than once a year.

I know that it's been unseasonably warm in Toronto, but it's still January so here is a little hot chocolate piece of mine for you to enjoy. Lots of other fun crafty things are heading down the pipeline- I'm looking forward to telling you all about it!