Monday, March 29, 2010

3...2...1... SOFT LAUNCH TIME!

I finally did it!!

After a year of multiple free two week trials I have finally committed to the purchase of my new website! Can you believe it? It's about time! I am saying that I've softly launched it as I haven't had much time to do any uploading of art and am going to do some more customization to the pages. Let me tell you this, my friends. My updates will be MUCH more frequent. Feel free to visit my website more than once a year and know that you'll see something new!

So, as if you wouldn't know, my website is Let me know what you think so far!

I completed a promotion for Three in Box last week with the theme of fairy tales. I knew that I wanted to go with The Ugly Duckling as my tale but had a hard time trying to nail down a concept. I wanted to use a twist to the story and thought of doing a "guide to being different" as told through the duckling story. I could not for the life of me figure out a layout that I liked with this idea so I went back to the drawing board and focused more on design. I was very happy with my end result. Fingers crossed that others do too!

I've also had my work in the Octopus Project show since my last post. Here are a few shots of my whole piece. The inspiration of the piece is the sound of a phone ringing and a man picking up to say "hello?". I however, heard a male killer whale on that phone instead.

This week I am painting a piece for yet another show- this one is themed "manimals!". The idea for this one came fastly and furiously and I can't wait to show you the final product. I'll be sure to post it soon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A little sneak peek.

Guess who missed the early bus to work again today? Me! This is my first day back on transit after two glorious weeks of driving my sister's car to work- I miss it already!

Anyhow, that combined with a late night of painting my piece for the upcoming Octopus Project show caused my body to fail at the waking up thing this morning. Good news is that the painting turn out just the way I wanted it to. Does that ever happen to you? It doesn't usually for me. Here is a little preview. If you want more, come out to the show!

Next up is the final art for the 1/4 page I'm doing for Today's Parent magazine. Roughs have been approved so it's time to get going on it!

I really love being so busy with my art!

Have you tried a blood orange yet?

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Claire loves... Sicilian blood oranges!

I do!
This is the first year I've had the chance to try these tasty oranges and I am truly addicted. The flavour is very sweet and they're really juicy. I am not one to pick the orange over other fruit but these tasty guys are the best. Plus, they come wrapped in a ninja turtle wrapper! I highly recommend trying them while they are still in season.

I am super busy with lots of exciting art projects, one being an illustration for June's Today's Parent and the other being a painting for a group exhibition in Toronto this weekend. The show is called the Octopus Project and they put on different themed shows every once in a while. The one happening this weekend is themed "Hello!". The show happens at the Case Goods Warehouse in the Distillery district in Toronto- click the link above for more info and directions. Hope to see you there!