Saturday, September 18, 2010

The big day is here!

And also now! I'm blogging live on location.
I'm all set up and ready to start day one of the Queen West Art Crawl in Trinity Bellwoods Park. People are starting to pop in to see my work so it's time for me to shmooze a bit. Here's a shot of the booth to intice you to drop by!


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Location:Queen St W,Toronto,Canada

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Come crawl with me.

Happy Thursday!

It's a rainy cold day here in Toronto today, but the weather forecast for this weekend is lots of sun. This is a good thing, as this weekend is my first ever outdoor art exhibition!! YAY! That's right- the big event has arrived! From September 17th through the 19th is Queen West Art Crawl here in Toronto at Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Here is a map of the park with where I'm located. I'm in booth E60 (close to Queen St West) for those with poor eyesight. If you're in the hood either Saturday or Sunday between 11 AM and 6 PM I would love to see you! If you have kids or dogs that appreciate art, this is a great opportunity to expose them to it. Both are welcome in E60!

I have spent many nights with paintbrush in hand to make some fresh new work to display. Having this to work toward has definitely kicked my butt back into work mode post move- something I definitely needed. I have a feeling that I'll keep my first class ticket on the painting train and ride it until it just won't go no more. I will post up photos of the new stuff once the show is over. You will therefore have to come view it in person if you'd like to see it before Monday. I will also feature a selection of my older work and original illustrations available unframed at a reasonable price. This is your opportunity to own a piece of my world for cheap!

There are loads of amazing artists that I will be keeping company with this weekend and that alone is reason enough to drop by. If you are in town I hope to see you there!

To bed I go. Tomorrow I'm off of work to get everything pulled together. Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The glitz and glamour of premiere night.

You may think that I am referring to the Toronto International Film Festival (which, in fact, is happening right now and IS pretty exciting) but no. Tonight at the Leslie Jones on Queen Street East in Toronto, is the opening night for the highly anticipated POST NO BILLS 2. The show is organized by the talented Jeremy Kaposy as was the first POST NO BILLS that happened last November. The theme of the show revolves around movie posters. The lineup of talent in this show is impressive and includes...

Jamie Tucker
Sooyeong Lee
Gavin McCarthy
Jeremy Kaposy
Don Wilkinson
Zen Rankin
Alana McCarthy
Tyrone McCarthy
Matt Joudrey
Andre Jolicoeur
Andrew Duff
Lisa Cote
Justin Erickson
Jason Loo
Brian Hoang
Jeff Smalley
Evan Munday
Gillian Newland

I bet you're getting goosebumps, eh? The art is going to blow your mind! The event starts at 7, but come on down any time as it's going to be a hopping party until late.

In personal news, I am tired. Really, really sleepy. I have been working from the minute I get home from my day job into the wee hours of the morning every night for the past week getting ready for the crawl and the show above. I'm a truly lucky girl that I have Ronaldo to make dinners and do dishes. Otherwise my desk would be surrounded by empty sandwich wrappings or I would not eat at all. I barely finished my piece for the show above- by the skin of my teeth I did. I have brought some paintings in to my framer, and spent yesterday at home depot figuring out how I'm going to hang everything in an outdoor venue. I feel like things are starting to fall into place, but I still have a ton of work to do prior to next Saturday morning. I will do my best to post some of my progress this week, even if it's at 2:30 just before I hit the hay. As sleep deprived as I am, when I'm not breaking down in tears saying that I'm never going to be ready and why did I ever sign up for this it's kind of fun.

Back to my desk I go. I hope to see you at the Lesley Jones tonight!