Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Workbook page up and running.

So, is it hot enough for ya?

It's perfect for me. I've been living in mostly kitty bliss mixed with a bit of kitty hell (damn you, fleas) all the while sanding and priming frames, and conceptualizing some cool paintings. Fun stuff!

I just wanted to give you the heads up on a new promotional gig my wonderful reps at Three in a Box have organized. The Workbook has been a staple in advertising your art for ages and ages. Their website now houses a portfolio of my illustrations for viewing and (hopefully) inspiring some new jobs. Here is a link to my part of the site. Stop by and have a look if you'd like.

Now go have a popsicle!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meet my big surprise!

I am very happy to make an amazing introduction...

This is our new kitten, Ramona!

She's as sweet as can be, but is SUCH a kitten right now. She can play with anything, but enjoys our legs, under the covers, in bed, at 3 AM, when we are sleeping, the most. It was instant love.

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of inspiration she will have on my work!

There are literally 5 boxes left to unpack at our new place, and have fulfilled my bridesmaidly duties and intend to be working like a mad woman from now on. A big freelance gig is under negotiations right now, the days are ticking down to the Queen West Art Crawl, new promotional work through my reps, and a new show is in the works.

Can't wait to share all the upcoming artwork!

Monday, July 5, 2010

New season, new home, new news!

Happy belated Canada day and Fourth of July! I hope that where you are is lovely and summery and full of fresh picked strawberries!

So, it may have seemed as though I was gone for good. Perhaps I had thrown in the towel? Not so much, my friends. I took a small hiatus to pack all my belongings and hightail it out of my old studio apartment and in to a beautiful new 3 bedroom. If I could please note that when you read the number three imagine that there are fireworks and stars shooting off around it. This is HUGE!! In 5 years I have not lived in more than one room. The addition of three glorious rooms means that I won’t have to sleep where I work where I sleep. Seriously- there were days where I would wake up to the vision of tubes of acrylic and pizza crusts. NO MORE!! WOOHOO!
I can now have what every artsy girl dreams of... a studio space! Though I will be posting more pictures of my place when the boxes and mess has been put away, here is a shot of the room that will be my studio (be sure to focus on the fact that there is a door. A DOOR!!)

As a browser of many a craft and design blog I have had lots of studio space inspiration to pull from to make my space a true haven of illustration wonder. Here are a few of my favourite shots.

This beautiful studio belongs to Natalie Zee Drieu found on Apartment Therapy. LOVE the blue walls and the dueling work/computer spaces. This would really be a convenient layout for a gal like me!

Danny Seo's studio (also found on Apartment Therapy) is so cozy looking I could work in it all day. My inner 60 year old adores the plates on the wall. My outer 29 year old also does.

This is Angela Hardison's work room, found on Design*Sponge. I envy someone who can live clutterless like this. I love the layout. Alas, I have too much stuff. A girl can dream though.

I cannot wait to get started on this project so that I can get started on my next big art project. My new news is that I have been chosen to participate in a large outdoor art exhibition and sale here in Toronto called the Queen West Art Crawl. I have always loved going to this show and am super excited to be sitting along side the talented people whose work I oogled in years passed. I have a whole plan to create a load of new work and lots of fun ideas for themes. I will keep you in the loop on all my progress. I have one more bit of new news as well... it’s extra amazing and I want to tell you now but it still feels like a dream that it’s happening at all and I want to make doubly sure that it is before I share. Wish me luck with unpacking!!