Sunday, April 18, 2010


Here's to a beautiful weekend! I hope it was nice in your neck of the woods!

Friday was the Manimals art show at the Smiling Buddha in downtown Toronto. I showed you a quickie preview of the piece I did for it in my last post, and now I'm ready to show you the finished product. I was trying to take some pictures of it with my crappy point and shoot camera but was thwarted by Ronaldo who thought I was better off using his DSL.

Here is the thwart from my camera:

And here is the final shot for you:

The show went off beautifully. The turn out was amazing- thank you to all of you who came, despite the fact that I did a terrible invite job. I hope you enjoyed the show! Thanks to Ryan James Terry for organizing the whole shebang!

The next project on the list is to continue work on my website. There are definitely a few things I'd like to improve about the information layout and there are more pieces that I'd like to upload. The great thing about my new website is that creating and re-organizing that sort of stuff is fairly easy and not too time consuming. Now I have the time to work on it! Hopefully I will meet my month end deadline to make my site stunning and just the way I want it!

Here's a shot of the next art project. *SPOILER ALERT TO MY MOM*
I put the spoiler disclaimer only as a precaution. My mom still thinks she can access facebook on her ipod nano so I think it's safe to say she doesn't read my blog.
Anyhow, I bought and stained these nesting dolls years ago with the intention to paint the five members of our family on it for mother's day. It seems the stars have aligned and I finally have some time to do this project and just in time for the big day too!

Here are my blank canvases!

I hope that you all had great weekends! Until next time!

Monday, April 5, 2010

My TV premiere and more!

Happy Easter Monday!

I hope that the weekend was as lovely for you as it was for me. The weather in Toronto was exceptionally beautiful. Even though Ronaldo and I were driving to visit family and eating copious amounts of their food most of the weekend we still found time to dust off our bikes and have our first ride of 2010!

I made a huge discovery this weekend, thanks to some observant friends of mine. Remember back in January when I had my super busy week of freelance even though it was my week off to work on my website and write lots and lots on my blog? I was able to show you the piece I did for the National Post, but was not able to tell you about the other project. Well, now I can tell it to the world! I did some work to accompany a commercial! I'M ON T.V.!! Check it out!

For this job I created two mandalas (patterns in a circular format) with all sorts of fun things that women do, and what's in Multibionta, the client for the project. Here are the final still mandalas. It was a little hard to picture how they were planning on using everything at the time, but it all makes sense after seeing the commercial. I am so happy with the awesome work that the animators did!

This weekend I also started working on a painting for the next group show that I'm going to be in. The theme is "Manimals" and I am taking an equestrian twist on it. Here's a small sneak peek!

I hope you are having the sunny weather I am wherever you are! Keep an eye out for my work next time you're watching CSI!