Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meet my big surprise!

I am very happy to make an amazing introduction...

This is our new kitten, Ramona!

She's as sweet as can be, but is SUCH a kitten right now. She can play with anything, but enjoys our legs, under the covers, in bed, at 3 AM, when we are sleeping, the most. It was instant love.

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of inspiration she will have on my work!

There are literally 5 boxes left to unpack at our new place, and have fulfilled my bridesmaidly duties and intend to be working like a mad woman from now on. A big freelance gig is under negotiations right now, the days are ticking down to the Queen West Art Crawl, new promotional work through my reps, and a new show is in the works.

Can't wait to share all the upcoming artwork!


  1. It sure is!! She's a real firecracker!

  2. She looks like pure evil! I think I will live my kitty dreams through you for now, I don't think we're ready for one

  3. aaaagh, overwhelmed by cuteness...