Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh, hindsight.

Hello all! Happy hump day! I was sitting here working away when I had a sudden urge to share. Since Ronaldo is not in a sharing mood and I don't like sharing with Ramona (she always takes, never gives) you hit the sharing jackpot! 

First, a thought on Facebook's massive purchase of the photo editing application, Instagram.
You may notice that I use Instagram a whole lot to edit my photos. I actually really love it (clearly not as much as the Zuckerberg) and I will continue using it. I am happy for the folks at Instagram and their well deserved riches. But man oh man, if I could turn back time to two years ago when I started using this super cool app- when everyone was all about Hipstomatic and couldn't give two shakes of their iPhone to Instagram- I would have bought me a slice of the pie and I could be rolling in solid gold coins right now too. My easter egg properly expresses my feelings on missing out on massive wealth. I guess I'll have to keep working for my money.
And so I shall keep on working. This is my massive pile of tea towels that I have been prepping for my next round of printing. I bought more than my first run, seeing as they were pretty successful. I will be re-printing the two original prints and adding two more new ones to the mix. You'll be the first to know when they are up for sale on my Etsy page.
I'm also working on a majorly late birthday present for my little sister, Dr. Emily. She graduated from optometry school and had a birthday last June, and I told her I would do a painting for her new office. Clearly things have gotten in the way and I'm a bit late on delivery. I can hear her tapping her watch from afar. Anyway, I really wanted to do a grand piece about the wonder of the eye, but when I sat down to think of ideas I saw it more as a grouping of small paintings. Four in total. I told her over Easter dinner that she was getting four for the price of one she assumes that it's a form of accruing interest. I see it as taking care of this year's birthday too. We'll see who wins. I will be updating on the progress of this quadrilogy. 

That's all for now. Ciao!

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