Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hitting the ground running.

Good morning!

One more day until I celebrate Canada's birthday. I am heading to our nation's capital, Ottawa, for some royal watching. My goal is to be able to add Kate Middleton as a friend on my facebook by the time I come home on Sunday. Perhaps I'm aiming high.... I'd be satisfied if she'd "like" my fan page.

Reeling it back to illustration, I can share with you some work that I did in the spring. I was asked to paint running shoes for various promotions by the fine folks at the CIBC Run For the Cure. I was totally honoured to participate in this project, as I have participated in this run a few times and I am a big supporter of the cause. There are three different scenarios. As far as I know this is the first one. It was printed various times in the Globe and Mail this week. I'm keeping my eye out for the other two and will share them with you once I see them.
Here are some shots of the actual shoe. It was definitely a challenge to paint on the bumpy plains of a true running shoe, but the more I painted the easier it got. You've just got to go with the ups and downs and not fight them. 
Have a great Canada Day, fellow Canadians!

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