Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back in the saddle again

Happy Tuesday morning!

I bet you're wondering what the heck I'm doing writing a blog entry at 10 AM when I clearly work a day job. Well, this girl is jumping lily pads! I accepted a new job (still graphic design) at a new company! WOO HOO! Any of you who know me know that this definitely counts as cool thing #2 on my list of awesome stuff in 2010. I finished my old job on Friday last week, and have a week in between to chill out a bit and work on a freelance gig that came in last week. It's a fun project, so in my books it's barely work! I've also had time to get back into my embroidery work- you may have thought I forgot all about my tea towels seeing as I have not written about them in a while, but I sure haven't! I cut up a whole bunch and screened them over the Christmas break, sewed them a few weeks ago, and am now back into my embroidery.

This is how I set myself up to get into it again. Notice the mandatory glass of red wine (only the finest Falasca-Manning Estates for me!) and the half read book club book in the background (which I never finished, unfortunately). Truly a comfortable place to be. It's nice to be putting needle to fabric again. Hopefully I'll have time to get stuff up on etsy before my week off is through!

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  1. don't say hopefully . . . just do it!

    - Morgan