Monday, January 18, 2010

Who says a starving artist can't buy art?

Anyone else LOVING 2010 yet? So far this year has been pretty jammed with cool, and it's only JANUARY! Though I intend to share all the greatness with you, I will do so in intervals, as I've heard that reading my lovely prose can be, well, boring.

So, cool #1: My second art purchase (a custom piece, to boot!) was made! I have not sold enough of my own work to afford to fill my walls with the works of all the artists I cherish just yet, but a good friend of mine, James Fowler of Toronto, made this wonderful piece just for me! We talked, and I wanted something that was white, greyish and blue-y, with splashes of hot pink (look familiar?) and this is the final product!

The painting is called "winter blossom", as it's mostly derived from the idea of spring's first flowers popping out of the snow. James' style of work and sources of inspiration are so creative and unique. Another tidbit- he hides the word LOVE in each work. LOVE!! So awesome, no?

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  1. who told you your prose were too long ; )

    - Morgan