Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh, the joys of moving!

Yes! We finally did it! Our notice was sent and Ronaldo and I are outta here on July 1st. Our little place in the distillery has been great, but more so than anything it has been little. I know that both of us are yearning for a place to work on our own and hopefully we will find just that. Our hunt has only been on for just over a week and we've already found a few cute places that piqued our attention. Hopefully it will be over shortly, as the running home from Mississauga to run out to a viewing is starting to cut into my blogging time. Funny, as I actually have some things to write about! I'm going to keep it short.

Last week while on a trek to an apartment viewing I stopped at a local drugstore to pick up some stuff. I was walking down the multivitamin aisle (clearly on the way to something way cooler and less healthy I'm sure) and found this popping out in a little tray:
Normally this would cause me to shriek with happiness as I love seeing my stuff in print (I still think it's SO COOL) but I had no idea that the work I did for Multibionta was being used for anything other than the commercial, which I did shriek at. Though I know it happens a lot in the illustration and design industry, this is the closest I'd ever been to having my art published without my permission or rights usages and it made my stomach sink. After a quick email I found out what the scoop was and everything is fine. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to tell all you awesome artists out there: MAKE SURE YOUR WORK IS PROTECTED. That's what contracts and waivers are for- to make sure your intellectual property is safe. After my little scare I will be sure to read through information thoroughly from now on.

More later this week- I can now talk about my piece in June's Today's Parent Magazine and I surely intend on doing so.

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