Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Claire loves... Ronaldo!

It's Valentine's time peeps! I hope you all got your smootch on. Not only was yesterday the day to show my sweetie that he's the apple of my eye...

... it was also the first day to show my love for my illustration business in an eight hour with lunch break sort of way. First think I did was move my computer to my desk. We had been using it as a mock television in our living room since we moved in on a little hall table that KILLED my back when I actually had to do work on it for longer than 2 hours. That was just not going to work for me going forward. Here's the new set up!

There a still a few things to put away but it's SO much better than even a month ago. So, what did I do with my first day, you may ask? Well I did some responsible, though not too creative things. I made a new creative industry oriented resume and went to see my financial advisor to make sure I have enough to live on while still stashing some cash so I don't have to eat cat food when I'm 80. I have an ongoing list of to dos that I will be an ever evolving thing. I will fill you in on what I check off as I go along. For day one, I felt productive. My assistant had a much more relaxing day, smelling the herbs and purring. 

I ended my work day at 5 and started working on the Valentines dinner that Ronaldo and I planned. Since we weren't going to let "the man" take all our cash in the name of consumerism (is that even a word?) we decided to make some dishes that we've always wanted to try. Without knowing it we created a theme to our dinner: surprise! The biggest surprise of it all was that everything turned out perfectly, even the stuff I made. 

This is a raviolo. Basically a gigantic ravioli. Ronaldo hand made the pasta and a ricotta/spinach filling on Sunday night and then put two of these suckers together for us on Monday. What's the surprise? He put an egg yolk in the centre of them so when you cut into it you get a delicious yellow that mixes with the cheese mixture to make a heavenly sauce. The black stuff is sage browned in butter. It was bliss. 

Those that know my cooking abilities will be SHOCKED to know that I, Claire Manning, made, from scratch, molten chocolate lava cakes! AND THEY WERE TASTY! Look at the glistening goo! The recipe is absolutely fool proof (evidence above) and I recommend that you all give it a go, especially you chocoholics! 

Ronaldo, I love you. Thanks for tolerating my obsession with cute animals and loving me back. XO.

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