Thursday, February 24, 2011

Applying myself.

In every sense I can I am applying myself. Or at least trying. This is the time of year that an artist should really start preparing for the rest of the year.  I have not been really great at this in the past, but am making an effort to take more control of it all. 

I've started by getting into entering illustration annual contests. Getting into one of these annuals can bring attention to you and drum up business. It cost a bit to enter them but it will pay off if I actually get in. So far I have only entered one, American Illustration. They publish a beautiful hard cover book each year that I would LOVE to be in. It's a bit of a dream. Visit their website if you're interested in entering yourself. The deadline is this Friday the 25th, but you can enter online so you can enter at the last minute if needed. They do have a photography annual as well, but the deadline had passed for that book. I'm going to enter a few more contests, but I have to do a bit more research to decide which ones to "invest" in.

I'm also going to enter a few gallery shows. There are some calls for entry that I'm going to  answer, starting with the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. After my experience at the Queen West Art Crawl last year I am pumped to do some more outdoor shows. Again, it costs money to enter, but if you get in you have to opportunity to make your money back and potentially much more. The deadline for this application is March 1st, and though a bit more involved than entering a contest, you can also apply online. Hallelujah, internet! As the entries for these shows start opening up I will start entering them. 

This is a piece I created in the fall that I hadn't gotten around to scanning until now. I actually have it hanging on our wall as it's got little Ramona in the upper left corner and my childhood cat Bert in the centre. Often galleries and exhibits ask to see examples of your work as a part of the application process and I think this is a pretty good example of what I do. Patterns? Check. Kittens? Check. Cuteness? Extra check. 

My next application will be to a new website provider. I had a great year with the folks at Other Peoples Pixels and would recommend them to anyone in need of a site- they are great people and make maintaining a website a breeze. It's just time for me to try something new. I've got two weeks to get my act together and get a new site up. I have a prospective new provider but I want to make extra sure that they're "the one" before I tell you all about them. 

If you are on the look out for places to apply your craftiness and artiness I would recommend checking out the following sites:

Both of these sites post call for entries and submissions regularly. And they're awesome. Particularly Toronto Craft Alert.

It's Friday tomorrow and I have lengthy dates with my paintbrush this weekend. Hopefully I'll have some new art to show you soon! G'night!

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