Monday, April 11, 2011

A little rain won't kill you.

It's Monday again! Every week that passes by I look forward to my Mondays working at home more and more. 

Spring has finally arrived in Toronto, thank goodness. Though there have been a few beautiful sunny days, as with any April there has been some showery days too. Yesterday morning was one of them, and I took the time to start up a painting that I sketched out a few weeks ago. It was meant to be for an art show themed around the weather. I missed out on the submission deadline for the show, but I thought I would channel what was happening outside into my rainy day painting. 

I just finished it up this afternoon. It's called Rain That Comes in Sideways. For some reason I've been looking for a reason to paint up some seagulls and here was a perfect chance. I may not love the rain, but I love the things that come along with rain. Rubber boots, umbrellas, puddles, and splishy splashy birds.
 Of course, like clockwork, my little lady came around for her glamour shot. She's getting dynamic with her posing, sitting up on two legs. Update from last week: Ramona did indeed get a spay (notice the beautiful cone) but Ronaldo and I couldn't go through with the de-clawing. I guess I can look forward to lots of scratch marks in the future.
 I actually based the painting on a frame I had finished last summer. I think it suits it perfectly. I will be bringing it in to a local framer soon to be professionally framed. I will be starting to re-finish frames again now that the weather is starting to improve. I've already found a potential solution to my wind problems from last year. I'll share it with you once I've tested it out.
I'm going back to the drawing board for the rest of this afternoon. It's time to start conceptualizing more paintings and products to create! Enjoy your spring showers!

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