Friday, September 25, 2009

A little inspiration and lots of plans

It's Friday!! Who else is happy about that? I haven't done a whole lot of physical work on the tea towels over the past few days, but am planning on using weekend time as prime work time. After the excitement of having my first potential retailer I realized that I need to start hammering out the details of the final towels. When I made the testers I used random colours, jst to see what I like best. I've now narrowed the list down to a solid 10 or 11 colours to pick from in my embroidery spectrum. I also picked the colours for the up and coming printed tea towels. When I go for my screen printing class next week I want to have a few final colours to print on so I can start the first round of final sets. Stay tuned- at the end of the weekend I'll put up a big chart of all the details thus far. I'm also going to take time to come up with a great sciencey, cute print for next weekend. I'm also going to whip up some final printed towels. Next week will be all about packaging. Time to figure out what to put the suckers in to make them look juicy to my future customers.

What have I been up to instead of furiously embroidering, you may ask. Well, I went and picked up a piece of my artwork that was in a local art show that wrapped up a few weeks ago. It's all embroidered so I thought you may like to check it out. It seems every year I have a summer fling with embroidery. I'll embrace, love and laugh with embroidery projects from June through August. As soon as September hits I move on to painting and bid a fond farewell to my stitching. This year I feel like me and embroidery are going to keep up the relationship. We're going to be like Sandy and Danny, or those kids from high school musical. We're not just summer lovin' anymore! This is how we got together this summer.

This week was also the last Thursday to participate in this awesome Toronto event called Gallery Spin. One thursday of every month this summer a bunch of folks on bikes meet up at a local Toronto park (Trinity-Bellwoods for you Torontoites) and a guided tour of various local galleries commences. It was SO much fun!

So, this is me! Here I am with my awesome boyfriend Ronaldo, getting ready for the bike ride.

A line of bikes while all 52 of the cyclists were in a gallery looking at some amazing art.

The brigade riding from gallery to gallery. We went to 5 in total.

This man not only rode his bike, he also serenaded the crowd with some beautiful trumpet music. I really don't know how he did it- I would have driven straight into oncoming traffic if it were me.

Each of the five galleries had a totally different feel, and a totally different style of artist. It's a good thing for me to get my head out of my little turtle shell to see what else is happening in the art world. Good things are happening, my friend. Very good.

Let's see how this newly found inspiration translates into work!

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