Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Chemistry Experiment: Forget the Gocco... Hello, silk screen!

That's right- I've decided to move on from my gocco printing idea. While I've been waiting for the fabric ink to arrive from Australia I've had time to think about the expense of using the print gocco over time and decided that it'll be cheaper to use a traditional screen print technique. I've never used this technique before so I also see it as an opportunity to learn a new artsy skill. While I was out in Kensington Market on Sunday on a bike ride I saw a sign in a window for a one day workshop at a little store called Model Citizen. The gentleman that runs the store was so passionate about imparting his silk screening wisdom it was hard to not sign up right away. It took only yesterday to decide that I wanted to know what he knew and called to sign up today. He was intrigued about my tea towels (yes, I'm already spreading the word) and is interested in carrying some sets at his store for the Christmas holidays.

Woo Hoo! My first potential marketplace!

Anyhow, two weeks until that happens. Lots of work to do beforehand. I've just finished the 2 extra special, non-sciencey tester towels. I'm hand delivering them to one half of the tester team. The other half won't be able to see them until the end of the week so I'm only going to post a teaser of them. I'll post a full photo of them on the weekend.

This week I'm working on the screen for the two screened towels to go in the three pack. I've also realized I have to come up with a name for my products!

Any ideas?

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  1. what about Claire's screen plays or Screen Plays by Claire.....something along that line might work.
    Just a thought

    Aunt Lianne