Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Chemistry Experiment: Phase two continued and the Queen of 6

So, here we are, mid-September already, and progress on my tea towels continues smoothly! If all goes as it has been I should be ready to start final production in a month- hooray!

You know, I don't think I mentioned the whole "chemistry experiment" aspect of this project. First, I should tell you I have two sisters, both of who chose scientific fields for their profession. That leaves little old me as "the artist". That does not mean that I don't have a little love for atoms, ketones, and the likes of that crowd. I was commissioned to create an alphabet poster earlier this year, and in researching the world of alphabet posters, I realized it is highly over populated. I started thinking of the other important posters that could benefit the future of the human race and the periodic table of elements came to mind. Eureka! So, as this poster remains in progress, I've been coming up with characters to represent the various elements. As I did so, I noticed that there are alot of "foodie" elements. Potassium, Iron, Calcium, etc. Of course, I put two and two together, and you have periodic table of elements: tea towel edition!

On to progress since the last post. As I had said last week, all of phase 2 towels, embroidery style, have been given out to the testers. I've now finished the survey and will be giving out, mailing and emailing my guinea pigs with it. In the mean time, as I felt confident about the dimensions of the towel, I started making the coloured, soon to be screen printed towels. These were always going to be a sort of pahse 2.5, but now they really are. Once I had finished them I lined them up on my stove handle and was shocked at how puny they looked. If they were primary school kids they would get their lunch money stolen, that's how tiny and wimpy they were. This means an automatic final phase change.

Now, the Queen of 6. The most amazing discovery of last week. At my day job, we are talking with the folks at Sesame Street about collaboration work, and was told that this November is Sesame Street's 40th birthday. I took the opportunity to jog down memory lane to my old days on the street in the 80's. I found this wonderfully cute and sort of trippy stop motion animation that made my day, particularly the ending. No wonder I turned out how I did!

Until next time, enjoy the trip!

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