Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Antiques Roadshow meets New Yankee Workshop meets my backyard

Do you hear that? It's the sound of my heart beating a bit faster than usual. The long weekend is over and August is now in full swing. Where the hell did my summer go? I'm now in full speed ahead mode getting ready for the Queen West Art Crawl here in Toronto. I just got home from a lovely weekend split between my friend Brad's cottage and the Manning family cottage. So relaxing, and even a little productive. I've been searching for unique antique frames to refurbish for the show. Finding frames in Toronto has been time consuming and expensive. In cottage country this weekend, my Mom found bargain antique frame heaven. She brought me to this awesome sale outside of Goderich, Ontario that had, literally, thousands of amazing frames, all for $10 each! This is just one of many piles!

I wish I could have taken them all home (I do have a three bedroom apartment now, right?) but settled on four of them. That including a trip to the local value village, a Toronto antique store, and a generous donation from Brad I now have loads of frames. I have started the hard labour now. I've been in my new backyard sanding, staining, and prepping the frames for spray painting.

I have had a little help from a little friend.

I am (hopfully) going to start spray painting the primed frames tomorrow after work. I've just got to find a place spray:)

Will keep you in the loop of the process. Until then.

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