Monday, August 23, 2010

Claire loves... Saving Grace!


I've been meaning to write this post for a while- what's a blog called Claire Loves If I don't tell you what I love every once in a while, eh?

Saving Grace is my favourite brunch location in all of Toronto. I am NOT kidding. It blows me away every time I go. It's on the corner of Grace St. and Dundas St. West in Toronto. We recently went there a few weekends ago, and it reminded me just how awesome it is. Just look at these specials!

The restaurant itself is pretty tiny, and is only open for breakfast and lunch. I won't lie- there is usually a line to get in, but it's worth the wait. They have the most incredible french toast with caramelized bananas.
I had the poached egg special this day and it was perfect. The Sunday we went they had opened the alley way beside the restaurant as a seating area. Tiny, yes. Fantastic? Definitely. Go there. Now.

In other news, last weekend I completed my first ever illustration job for a client Overseas. I did a series of three illustrations for a UK magazine called Mother and Baby. Of course, I will reveal the art once it's been published in the magazine in October. It was such an uplifting experience! More about this at a later date.

To cap off this post I thought I would post a shot of Ramona. She's been attempting to be my assistant when I paint or ink. She's cuter when she sleeps.

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