Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FAQ on deep fried butter

Good morning!
I'm writing from the road today on my trusty iPhone. Though I have been busy painting away, getting ready for both art shows coming up...

... I took a break to go to the Canadian National Exhibition (or the Ex) last night with some friends. It was good fair fun- pet some farm animals, play some crown and anchors, people watch- with the addition of a new phenomenon. By far, the most popular attraction at the Ex this year was the deep fried butter stand.

Yes. Deep fried butter. Here is a little FAQ for those of you who are curious.

What exactly is it?
A: globs of butter that are battered at deep fried. They are little and there are 4 in a serving, but I recommend a serving of one.

What do you put on them?
Though likely good with savoury toppings, this stand served them with sweet syrups. I tried with vanilla.

What do they taste like?
Hot melted butter in a fried batter. It was not as bad as I thought it would be.

Pat, being lactose intolerant, regretted that bite a bit later, but enjoyed it here. Is it worth the hour wait in line to experience the buttery goodness? All I can say is that if you choose to make the time commitment at least pick up a side of chocolate covered bacon as well.

Back to the ol' golden acrylics tonight. Will continue to post sneak peeks at my work as I finish!

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