Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm smarter than I look.

Well, this week took an unfortunate U turn.

I have loads of things to share and awesome news but none of it's important anymore.

My beautiful Grandma, Ruth Marie Durst, passed away yesterday morning. She was an outstanding grandparent. She never got cross with me when I was little and hyper, and had loads of fun activities for us when we came to visit. She was computer savvy. I bet if she could have she would have had blog and it would have kicked my blog's butt. She was crafty. She crocheted baby clothes for the preemies at the local hospital, made afghans for all of her grand kids, and taught me how to knit. Grandma D. was hilarious, and clever. Her laugh was infectious.
She had been suffering from the
cruelest disease, Alzheimers, for many years now, and had the personality that made her who is is taken away from her.

Worst. Disease. EVER.

Those who know of someone dealing with Alzheimers, my hear goes out to you. I recommend visiting the Alzheimers Society website to learn more about the disease and the steps being made towards a cure. Heck, you can even donate if you feel like it.

I will share my news as well. I'm excited to tell you that I will be going to New York City next week for the upcoming Printsource trade show! I will be going with my full time job, helping to organize graphics for the spring season. I'm going to be with family for the next few days, but will write from the show next week with all the New York greatness.

Rest in peace Grandma. I'll love you always.

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