Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's up to me. New. York. Newwww. YOOORRKKK!!

Here is a little shot of the weekend that has just passed. This photo will be a test to see if Ronaldo actually reads my blog. If he does, I will be deader than meat, but this is a great shot, no? Totally worth it? I think so.

I decided to take some time off to re-coup from a rather dramatic and exhausting few weeks. Though the trip to New York was TOTALLY amazing and it was so great to see my little sis, I was happy to return to normal life. Before I talk "business", here are some shots to set the mood.

Here are some of the world's tiniest snowmen on the edge of Central Park.
Emily was excited about an exhibit on the brain at the Natural History Museum and so we went. It was my first time, and I will have to go back again because the place is HUGE! And AWESOME!
The opposite of AWESOME was where we went for dinner that night. DO NOT go to the Jekyl and Hyde Club. Regardless of what the sign says outside the door, the only reason you would have a heart attack would be because the food, not the frights. Thank goodness Emily and I are twits and Tyler is non-judgemental. We had fun anyway. Look at the prizes Emily won! It only took one quarter because they were stuck together from the years sitting in an ancient claw machine!

After I left Queens I moved into a hotel room on Madison Avenue. 

I took away a lot of information and lessons from my first ever business trip. Mostly, a big heads up to a new world of freelance that is out there for me to take advantage of one day. The fact that my boss was willing and wanting to show me this world was incredible. I could fill another whole post just on the Printsource show.... and I intend on doing just that. Tomorrow.

Or Tuesday. 

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