Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Claire Loves... Balboa.

Ahhh. After a month of working full time at my day job I just spent my first Monday at home. It was a breath of fresh air. I painted and it was glorious. I actually have plenty to tell you about, but one thing at a time. For now, I need to tell you about a musical gem. 

Balboa was conceived of by one of Ronaldo's good friends, Raffi Der Ghazarian. A huge fan of the Rocky movie series, he and Ronaldo thought it would be great if there was a cover band that only played the songs from these iconic movies. And so it was. Balboa. That was nearly 4 years ago, and though they usually only play once a year, it's easily one of the most anticipated nights for me. The band consists of Raffi and Ronaldo on guitar, Warren Bray on bass, Eric Cohen on drums, and the incredible duo of John Rogers and Phil Naro on keyboards and vocals respectively. Phil and John are full time rockers. Their hair is almost as impressive as their talents!
Copyright Ronaldo Falasca Design
Copyright Ronaldo Falasca Design
Ronaldo has made a series of cool, retro posters to celebrate the event. He's a super talent. Lucky me that he's all mine! 

My favourite of the three that he made is this one. I love the iconic simplicity.
Copyright Ronaldo Falasca Design
Just think. Eye of the Tiger. Living in America. Hearts on Fire. It's pure gold. The next show is this Friday night in Toronto at the El Mocambo (just south of College St. on the west side of Spadina Ave.). For more info have a peep at the band's website and facebook page. If you are in the city on Friday night you ought to clear you calendar and c'mon down! We can cheers the Italian Stallion's legacy together.

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