Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We have a winner!

Guess what? It's pancake Tuesday!! Did you guys have pancakes for dinner? I didn't. It's kind of a sore spot right now, especially because instead of making delicious pancakes I made a carrot soup that didn't taste very nice. And, straight back to colour theory here folks, when you blend yellow carrots with orange carrots and purple carrots you get something that is shit brown coloured. I wish I had pancakes.  

Enough potty talk- on to business. Yesterday was my third official "Claire" day. It was the first of my me days that I actually illustrated something. I am working on a project that I can't give you the details on as it's not yet a confirmed gig. I had one of those days yesterday when it seems that you just can't get what you want down on paper. It was not an easy day, but I got what needed to be done completed. Here is a little sneak peek:  

 I also, fingers crossed, found my new web hosting site! I've signed up to be a member of Cargo Collective!

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to make sure that they were "the one" and after some playing around, I think they may just be. This site runs much smoother than my other site, bigger and simpler. It's got the same "plug and play" aspects of my old site but I will be able to do a lot more customization as I'll have access to CSS and HTML. This probably means that I'll need to learn a little about scripting in the not too distant future. For the time being I can make due with the coding they supply. Cargo Collective has a screening process when giving out their sites. They are aimed at the creative community and wish to maintain a high quality of sites under their umbrella so I'm pretty happy they accepted my request. The best part of it all though, is that it's more than half the price of my last site per year. With me trying to pinch my pennies this is a way awesome thing. I'm pretty pumped to get right into it and set it up to it's fullest. 

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  1. nobody likes poop soup. Sweet deal on the site hosting though!